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Name TokViewer
Category Video Players & Editors Apps
Size 2.6MB
Popularity 7026
Publisher Techrocket9
Score 6.0
Publish Date 23/05/2022
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Mod Info:


TokViewer Game Introduction :

This app lets you open TikTok video links without the TikTop app.

Installing this doesn\’t add anything to your app drawer; all it does is register a handler for links and links. The app is roughly equivalent to viewing the link in an incognito-mode Chrome tab, but with the added feature of enforcing the correct aspect ratio on the video (on square-ish devices the TikTok website cuts off the top and bottom of videos).

When you click on a link (such as ) in some other app you should get a popup asking if you want to open it with TokViewer or your regular web browser. If you miss this and accidentally set your browser to be the default app the popup will no longer appear, and you will have to go into app settings for TokViewer and assign it as the default manually.

Once you choose TokViewer the video will open full-screen.

This app is not a replacement for the full TikTok app. It is not intended for logging in or posting videos. If you\’re looking for the full TikTok app go get it here:

This app can also handle links since some popular messaging apps (such as Hangouts) wrap outbound links in one of these before sending out the link. When TokViewer intercepts a intent it strips off the redirect and plays the result (if it\’s a TikTok video). Otherwise it resubmits the link back to your device (probably resulting in it opening in your web browser). If you don\’t want this behavior just don\’t set TokViewer as the default handler for links when prompted.

TokViewer Game screenshot :

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