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Name SecuredPGPInstaMessages
Category Communication
Size 7.1MB
Popularity 6498
Publisher King Tut
Score 6.0
Publish Date 27/05/2022
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Mod Info:


SecuredPGPInstaMessages Game Introduction :

This app is configured to provides proven military/security/intelligence grade encryption (AES-256) for our UltraInstaMessages app, and messages on Instagram app. User should be familiar with PGP (also OpenPGP) and the concept of public and private keys, and how they work. User should also know how to exchange the public key securely with contacts. It recommended to generate at least one key which can encrypt, decrypt, and sign. Users should use the same user\’s name and email address used in their account with Instagram. Use secured method to export or exchange your public key with other contacts. Also, use a password for your key which is at least 8-12 characters, and you can easily remember, and very difficult to guess by others.

This app works with android 4.4 and higher.

This is a serious app for serious people who have serious very important and high value business and data/information that need to be protected. There are no freebies here.

Check our full line of serious secured apps for serious professionals:
– SecuredEmail for secured encrypted emails;
– SecuredIM for secured encrypted IM (Instant messages);
– SecuredMms for secured encryped MMS;
– SecuredVault for secured large data/info storage and transfer/sending;
– UltraFacebookM for secured encrypted messages on Facebook Messenger;
– UltraTelegram for secured encrypted messages and attached files on Telegram app;
– UltraWhatMessages for secured encrypted messages on Whatsapp app;
– UltraViberM for secured encrypted messages on Viber app;
– UltraAllo for secured encrypted messages on Allo app;
– UltraInstaMessages for secured encrypted messages on Instagram app;
– UltraSkyMessages for secured encrypted messages on Skype app;
– UltraCloudBox for secured encrypted cloud data storage on Dropbox;
– UltraCloudDrive for secured encrypted cloud data storage on Google Drive;
– SecuredYEmail for secured encrypted email using Yahoo mail app;
– SecuredYMessages for secured encrypted messages using Yahoo messenger;
– UltraCloudOne for secured encrypted data/information storage on Microsoft OneDrive;
– UltraWeMessages for secured encrypted messages using Wechat app.

Each of the above apps is available for monthly subscription for the service of the app.

If you have a problem using this app after subscribing to the service, let us know, and we will help you out to use the app.

Privacy Policy: None of our apps collect and/or transmit any info what so ever about the user and/or his/her device.

(*) All tradenames mentioned above are the property of their respective companies.

SecuredPGPInstaMessages Game screenshot :

SecuredPGPInstaMessages Game screenshot  1

SecuredPGPInstaMessages Game screenshot  2

SecuredPGPInstaMessages Game screenshot  3

SecuredPGPInstaMessages Game screenshot  4

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